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Weekend Radio with Robert Conrad is the national spin- off of a local program on WCLV that ran Saturday nights from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM tears until Bob's wife persuaded him that there were other things to do on Saturday nights than go to a radio studio. The hour-long show is a mixture of classical music cross-over selections and comedy bits. the latter drawing on WCLV's extensive collection of comedy and humor that dates backs to the late 50s. In addition to its broadcast at 10:00 PM on Saturdays over WCLV (and on the Internet at (, In some 80 outlets throughout the country. many who also stream the show. We have a list of where to get some of the recordings we play. A carriage list of stations that tells you when the show is broadcast and the URLs for stations that stream

Elsa Lanchester song or two, plus Mark Levy expounds on the "Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows."  This Week in the Media.

WR 1610
Bob Elliot of the team of Bob and Ray passed away on February 2nd.  Ray Goulding left us in 1990. In memory of two of the greatest of all radio comedians, we present an entire program devoted to Bob and Ray, with big hunks from their public radio series in the late 80s.  Mark Levy discusses “The Game.” Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1611
The Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day are at our throats. For the Ides, we offer Wayne and Shuster’s :Rinse the Blood Off My Toga.” For St. Patrick’s Day, Tom Lehrer’s “Irish Ballad” from “Tomfoolery” and by Tom himself. Also, “The Irishman in the Bar” from the CBC program “Funny You Should Say That.” Jan C. Smith talks about “Green Things.”
Plus, This Week in the Media.

WR 1612
We have a story from Stuart McLean: “Hello, Monster.” We celebrate the arrival of Spring with Ogden Nash's "Spring Song," Johnathan and Darlene Edwards's "Paris in the Spring," and we welcome the swallows back to "Capistrano" and the buzzards to Hinckley, Ohio. Richard Howland-Bolton holds forth on “Worms” as does Instant Sunshine. Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1613
We’ve run across a big band jazz version of “Peter and the Wolf.” Crazy man!
We haven’t played Gerard Hoffnung’s “The Bricklayer” in a while. We pair it with
Ray Steven’s musical version. Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1614
We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant.”  Wayne and Shuster present “Frontier Psychiatrist” matched with selections from the Apollo’s Fire Country Folk. Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1615
Some choice Ernie Kovacs bits including “Percy Dovetonsils” and “Strangely Believe It.” Jan C.Snow and Marty Feldman expound on “Feet.” The King’s Singers present “Some Enchanted Wavelengths” and The Mastersingers sing about the weather in the British Isles. Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1616
We have a Stuart McLean story – “The Yoga Retreat.” Radio Free Vestibule offer their very popular “Bulbous bouffant” as well as “The Sound Store” and “Hits of the Future.”
Richard Howland-Bolton talks about “Cold Comfort.” Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1617
We observe Shakespeare’s birthday (and also his death day) with Beyond the Fringe’s “So That’s the Way You Like It,” Bernstein’s “Macbeth Blues,” Cleo Lane’s “The Complete Works” Andy Griffith’s “Hamlet” and further items to titillate thee.
Richard Howland-Bolton recites “The Curse of Shakespeare.” Also, This Week in the Media.

WR 1618
Some choice pieces by Lily Tomlin including "Lud and Maria meet Dracula's Daughter," and "Mr. Theatre Goer meets the Shopping Bag Lady.” "Also "The Jack Benny Show 40 years from Now," An Elsa Lanchester song or two, plus Mark Levy expounds on the "Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows."  This Week in the Media.



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